Defender RP 18+ Public Server

Defender RP is a server intent on establishing a welcoming environment to express the creation of deep organic roleplay and story! Created by a group of experienced and long time roleplayers within the RedM community with determination to make a strong and going forward experience! Want to get into deep law investigations? Become a judge, an attorney this is the place. Bounty hunting? Rancher? Farmer or even a train conductor? Want to be the mastermind behind a criminal empire?
We are launching the Server Sunday January 30th 2022! During that we hope to discover any bugs and fix any problems with the economy to make your experience here at Defender RP UNFORGETABLE!
Currently Looking to fill these positions:
~Saloon Owners
~Train Conductors
~ Ranchers
We can’t wait to see you on Sunday and that you make the choice of joining our Defender Community!
Discord: πƒπžπŸπžπ§ππžπ« π†πšπ¦π’π§π