Default Loading Screen?

Where can I find the default loading screen html?
All the other FiveM HTML UI is on the Github, but can’t find the loading screen. Would be very useful

In the servers files go to Resources->[test]->keks (I think this is where the loading screen is)

That is not the default loading screen. Please don’t post if you don’t know what you are talking about.

just trying to help lol

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I appreciate that. Keks is just an example loading screen, and a very simple loading screen; not the default one.

There technically isnt a default loading screen…

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Uhm, yes there is.

It is in UI.rpf, together with the rest of the UI (which is also in HTML.) Can you guys please stop commenting if you do not know what you are talking about.

Since you do not seem to understand, the complete main menu and FiveM GUI is made in HTML. Here you have it, in all its glory:

And here you have the reference to loadscreen, which comes from game/ui/loadscreen/index.html unless a custom one is specified:

Can we limit the topic to what I asked for in OP, now?

loadscreen.7z (376.4 KB)


Thanks soo much <3

You made my day

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? You were wrong but acting like you were right. Privilege has absolutely nothing to do with this equation.

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