Dedicated server on linux


I followed the instructions on the download page but it’s not working, after that, searched here and found some instructions, move the folders and files to bin folder and installed mono-complete

after tryed opening the server, i got a error with _resources.lua in the init folder, but this file isn’t there

what i have to do? help me please

i’m using a vps server from ovh


Create a file called __resources.lua in the init folder. That should fix it

thank you very much! it worked

@lordsp1ce hi again… the server is working, but i noticed that the PVP isn’t working, there’s a way to enable it?

@hardlevelbr That’s your trainers fault.

ya like trust said that’s the trainer

i’m not using any mod or trainer

Use Enhanced Reborn

hi again

i need a little help

my server is running in a vps with ubuntu, but after a time the server is closed, i’ll try to enter again and the server is closed, then a i need to enter via putty and restart, there’s a way for my server run forever without close?

If you use putty and close it so will the server. Use the regular KVM on the vps site to access the terminal and start the server from there

@hardlevelbr Just install screen mate

“sudo apt-get update”
“sudo apt-get install screen”

“screen” <---- go into the gta location and run gta
“ctrl+d” <------------ this will detach the screen but won’t close it so you can continue on your putty and close putty and will allow server to stay up.
“screen -r” <---------- shows all the screen sessions you have, if you have only 1 session it will put you into that session instantly.
if you have more than 1 session do screen -r screen name

when you say gta folder you mean fivereborn server?