🚗 Dealerships Creator [ESX/QBcore]

Is it possible to use addon vehicles

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Hi, sure you can easily add any vehicle and any vehicle category to the script :grin:

Dealerships Creator 1.3.1

  • Added missing vehicles images in case you want to add new DLCs vehicles

Please add a Search bar for search vehicles in the dealershop

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Suggestion : When clicking on Go Back to return to the vehicle list of the dealership instead of returning to the category All return to whichever category was selected before viewing the vehicle.
Becomes a pain when you have lots of categories and need to keep clicking it.

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All of your Creator assets look amazing! I just subbed the lot. Can’t wait to add them all to my new server.

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I’m very glad you like it! Enjoy the scripts :wink:

Dealerships Creator 1.4.1

  • Edited behavior for QBCore that could cause issues related on vehicle purchase
  • When you pay with a loan, the first installment will be removed instantly
  • After exiting the preview of a vehicle, you’ll continue to see the same category you had selected before
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An option that the job ID is entered when you have created a job dealership.

e.g. player buys a vehicle in the army dealership then the column “owned_vehicles” should say “army” or depending on the faction.

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Hi i have a problem with locals. :confused:
I choose german as language but the UI is still in english and some locals are missing.
I use the stock version and didnt change anything.
The notification in in german but only the notification.

Screenshot 2024-06-14 074020

Screenshot 2024-06-14 073752

Screenshot 2024-06-14 073806

Screenshot 2024-06-14 074322

It doesnt matter witch language i choose…

Nice support… 21 days and no awnser :rofl:

It almost seems like being rude have consequences

Everyone with good manners receives support and is happy to use the script :grin:

Not rude bro but 21 days without any reply is not good. :smile: Youre Scripts are good i didnt say anything about it.

I write a question and 21 days no reply.
I write that i wait 21 days without any reply and you reply immediately. :wink:

I suggest to read again my message to understand the reason

Suggestions for Script Enhancement:

  1. Add Target Support:
  • Implement (OX-)Target support to allow players to target NPCs directly instead of using markers. This will provide a more intuitive and immersive interaction for players.
  1. Static Showroom Vehicles:
  • Make showroom vehicles static so that the vehicle last viewed by the player remains displayed for all Players in the showroom area. Alternatively, for player-owned stores, allow the owner to choose which vehicles to showcase. This will enhance the realism and user experience within the showroom environment.

Keep up the good work!