Dead City of Admin Gang

The server owners own most of the businesses, businesses are always closed.

I wait for 3 irl days for server owner to open mechanic shop finally and then says they gotta keep the car for a few days to do the upgrades. Meanwhile server owner closes shop immediately after opening it and goes jerks around with admin gang gang. They don’t care for the economy, don’t wanna do the the work, and later threatened to keep my vehicle.

No cops, EMTs, etc are ever on duty because they are the same people that dont open city shops. Admin wont approve licenses/certs/business ownership etc either. Mayors in a “coma” and doesnt do shit allegedly as well.

To sum it up…

No Cops, No Emts, No open Businesses, Bad Inventory system, all cars have little to no body parts, Elite Clique of Admin Gang Gang that will swarm you, VDM you, go OOC and send you to the bahamas when RP doesnt go their way.

The RP is shit in this city. Everyones grinding chickens. Stay away for your sanity.

Best thing about the city is the Lighter.
Burn this trash heap to the ground.

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