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Days End Roleplay
Established April 2022

About Us
Here at Days End Roleplay, we are a group of friend looking to reimagine roleplay. Days End Roleplay is filled with quality people with countless years of roleplay experience, so I guess you can say we know a thing or two when it comes to realism. Not to mention we have department heads with real live experience. Besides this, we understand the this is just a game and people have lives away from their computers. So just because you’re not on for a few days doesn’t mean you’ll lose your rank.

Requirements To Join
• Be 15 years of age or older
• Have a working microphone
• Legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PC

What we offer
• Realistic roleplay
• vMenu
• Custom map add-ons
• Custom scripts
• Ran by real life first responders
• Cad system
• Active & respectful staff

• San Andreas State Police
• Los Santos Police Department
• Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
• San Andreas Fire Rescue
• San Andreas Central Communications
• Civilian

Connection Info
Discord - Days End Roleplay
Website -(Coming Soon)