⛅ Daydream RP / Discord WL / 18+ / Serious RP / Realistic Economy / Casino / Racing / Looking for Police Chief & Officers!

Looking for more police, ems and mechanics!
To get hired you’ll need to fill out a very easy app for police and ems. For mechanics, just ask in the city for an interview. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also, racing was just added!

eat local

Our police department is under new management! We have a new Chief and assistant chief who are dedicated to making an awesome, rewarding department. If interested, join our discord, click on the checkmark to be whitelisted and then look at #start-here for the easy Police app to fill out.

As someone new to fivem from ARMA 3, this community has been very helpful in helping me learn. They promote an awesome, friendly environment and have the potential to become big as NoPixel. All they need is more people to join.


Ihear that train ‘a’ comin…

We’re currently looking for Chief and Assistant Chief plus Officers.
Must be active, loyal and willing to put in the hours to help.