Data too long for column 'receiver' at row 1

kann mir jemand helfen habe ein Handy mit Business app Police Dispach geht aber bei Medic kommt das [ERROR] [MySQL] An error happens on MySQL for query “INSERT INTO phone_messages (sender, receiver, message, date, isgps) VALUES (@sender, @receiver, @message, @date, @isgps) {@isgps={“y”:154.05148315429688,“z”:103.49337005615235,“x”:273.1044006347656};@date=10/25/21 18:58;@message=GPS;@sender=912-7156;@receiver=Krankenwagen}”: Data too long for column ‘receiver’ at row 1

Sorry for the language change, friend. I hope your English is better than my German.

You may try going into the structure of the database table and adjusting the field size. You should be able to do this in Heidi or phpMyAdmin. It works for integers or text blocks and there are different classes that have different restrictions.

I am no expert in MySQL. So you’ll need to consult the search engine of your choice. Hope I have at least pointed you in the right direction. :point_right:

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