[DarkRP] Custom Chat (Upload image to WebServer)



  • Easy Config.
  • Upload image clipboard to WebServer.
  • Pause menu audo hide chat.
  • Game display self zone responsive.
  • Display player steam avatar
  • Chat style ^1-9 ^* ^= ^~ ^_ ^/ ^r
  • Support chat / command with suggestion.
  • Show chat text and image on player head.
  • Support twitter chat and more (AwesomeBox).
  • Resmon 0.0ms, 0.5 when display on player head.


  • Upload upload.php to your web server.
  • Config in ./config, ./html/config.js folder.
  • Change config.js to your web server with upload.php url.
  • Edit upload.php change hostname https://darkrpth.com/ to your hostname.

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Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements No
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when should i be able to use the / for admin commands

Now you can, redownload update.

still not able to use / for my admin commands

Now you can.

Fist off great work love the script and amazing support but i do have a question i have a script that notifies in the chat message but doesn’t show up now that i use your chat script how can i get it working again here is a snip of code i assume sends message to chat
TriggerClientEvent(‘chat:addMessage’, -1, {
args = {Config.AnnounceMessage}

Now fix, update it.

new error buddy