Damage Indicator

Damage Indicator Script

  • /dmg command to enable/disable it
  • Very Well Optimized

After Purchase You Will Receive A Mega Link With The Resource!

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Very Good Realese!

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Thank U So Much :heart:

Alright brother we have had enough. Both this resource and this one you dumped from our servers and you are right now selling them as yours. It is not just that you are stealing our scripts and selling them as yours you are actually even taking it a step further and are asking money for them. Please take down the threads and stop selling other people 's resources that werent event meant to be ever sold in the first place.

There are other legitimate and legal ways to make money. These stuff are just irritating.

If someone needs any proof that this is our script and he dumped it click here


pes ta matza

If you believe this is a stolen resource please flag it to the moderators, replying to him here won’t do much.

Actually all of his uploads are not by him, is there any flag button for whole profile? :joy:

Not a flag profile button but you can message moderators directly with a detailed report or just report each post individually.

Why don’t you share the script for free then, to prove him stealing?

How does it look like if enemy is very far away?