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Welcome to the Cutting Edge Role-Play PC FiveM community official FiveM post. Our community is built on the principals of professionalism, realism, and respect. We were founded in December of 2021 and strive to provide a fun, unique and realistic roleplay experience.

The Cutting Edge Role-Play community looks to offer all of our members a roleplay experience that they’ve never had before. We are a very structured community that aims to create an immersive and rewarding environment for dedicated individuals looking to help us become something better and better. We want to show people an enjoyable experience while allowing for a seamless display of realistic Civilian and Emergency Services roleplay to come alive.

Social Media:
Fan Discord - Cutting Edge Fan Server

Current Departments:

  • San Andreas State Police [RECRUITING]
  • Los Santos Police Department [RECRUITING]
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office [RECRUITING]
  • San Andreas Communications [RECRUITING]
  • San Andreas Fire & EMS [RECRUITING]
  • Civilian Operations [RECRUITING]

Community In Game Photo’s

Join our fan Discord to apply- Cutting Edge Fan Server

Still accepting applications! Apply today!

We are looking for a Civ Director and a Dispatch Director

Happy Holidays from the Cutting Edge Community! :christmas_tree:

All departments accepting Applications

Happy New Year from the Directors Office over here at Cutting Edge Roleplay. We are hiring for all departments and a CIV Director to add to our staff.

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Thank you Sir! Happy New Year

Good Evening,
We are still looking for members to help us take the next steps towards the most realistic roleplay that we can put out. All departments are currently hiring. Check out one of our youtubes @Blueblood10
Have a wonderful evening everyone.