Customized Casino Lucky Wheel With Sounds

Video Preview: VNS Scripts | Lucky Wheel (with sounds) v1.5 | Preview Fivem - YouTube
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WARNING: You have to put a small part of the code inside a vehicle shop to give the car.
(only esx_vehicleshop is supported by default, if you have another ask me for help with pm or mail)

Config.lua preview: VNS Lucky Wheel config.lua -

Full customized prices with probability
Winnings will land on the correct image in the wheel (change the texture for better experience by your self .ytd included)
Prices can be items, weapons, money and vehicle
Sound on spinning like GTA:ONLINE (you need 2060 build or newer)
6 different sound effects for prices on winning (customizable in config.lua)
Daily spins or with money
Auto reset daily spins at specific time
Random vehicle on every restart from a list
Add the lucky wheel everywhere (spawn it or use an existing one from your casino map)
Full access code, no IP lock or encrypted code

es_extended 1.0, 1.1 or 1.2
esx_vehicleshop (or similar to give the car)

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No offense, but facts. You can find the same thing if you are willing to look for it on the forum (of course sometimes you need some programming skills or need others support). Although we don’t know if you modified it from a resource released by others for free, or if it was your original. I just express my feelings, not malicious.

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Hello, this script was inspired from another free script and I made it from the beginning with much more customization as you see in config, so it will be more easily to add prices, also the free does not stop on the exact item in the wheel, in this script it will stop the price you won. And it has sounds to make a bit better the experience

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I understand that. Of course, there is no more or better support for free resources (unless you know how to write code for editing). I just made what I said just because of feelings, and there is not much other meaning. I can only say that everyone should work hard :fire:

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Hello, Is it working like in GTA:O ?

people like to hate, Great work man keep it up

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No, it’s working like in the video and in the description

Really nice script looks good, only it is too expensive for me for almost 40 €.
But consolingly it looks good

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I will keep that in mind, also there some fees tebex and fivem are adding to the price, and the script is full access, so more leakers :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you spawn luckywheel anywhere? Or is it at fixed position?

you can spawn it anywhere you want (change coords in config)
or you can use existing wheel in your casino if it has one