Custom roleplay server - Looking for staff, devs etc

We are working on a project, completely from the ground up in hopes to create a safe-space for members of the community to reignite the standards of roleplaying.

What type of server are we working on?
The server will be an economy based server with carefully planned and executed content to keep players engaged within the world of Los Santos. This allows players to choose their characters paths at their own pace whether that be a legal civilian, criminal etc. The server, for the most part, will be shaped by player storylines and actions. For example, a large majority of the businesses and jobs within the server will be player run.

How far along is development
Development so far has been on/off for the last two months or so. It is being carefully crafted from the ground up to ensure systems are in place for our content and future content. The knitty gritty stages have been ironed out such as the base/framework and other core features for the server and a good portion of content. What’s left is the fun stuff, more content and shaping the server.

Who are we looking for?
Currently, we’re looking for all roles to be filled within the server. Whether that be staff members, community managers, UI/UX, Scripters/Programmers, 3D artists.

Interested in staff, community managers or a related role?
Great, what we’re looking for is members who value great roleplay and a fun experience for players. People who do not get emotionally attached to roleplay and its players as not only are we roleplayers ourselves, but we too are maintaining the community and ensuring it’s a safer place tomorrow than it was yesterday for the community.

Interested in developing?
We hold a high standard when it comes to our resources, ensuring compatibility with our other resources and using our systems/libraries to create a more fluid and performant experience for the players.

While being an expert in your field is not essential, a willingness to learn and expand your skill set is desired as should be with any developer.

Here are some nice to haves

  • JavaScript/TypeScript or LUA experience
  • UI/UX experience using Figma or other mockup software alike.
  • SQL or MongoDB experience (preferably MongoDB)
  • Node.js and webpack
  • Version control
  • Portfolio or at the very minimum work to show.

I’d like to stress, this is a passion project and not a paid project. We are looking for like-minded passionate team members with an interest of building a special community, like us.

Interested? Contact me on Discord: Howdy#1337





Bump! We’re still looking for some more members, we have made some awesome progress so far developing the framework.


Still seeking Staff & Developers. Howdy#1337

Recently started work on a new phone. It’s being created with React, Zustand & TailwindCSS