Custom Radio - Dutch Included ❤

(it has nothing to do with this mod) but do you have any idea what can i search for that could create a silent “radio channel” at the top of the radio wheel… like something tried to create a radio station… before this mod and after this mod… i still got a muted radio station and investigating the origin for destruction.

nice work on the radio…

I tried to access local mp3 using the browser adress … would have been a nice surprise…

supersede_radio “RADIO_05_TALK_01” { url = “file:///C:/Games/GTA_Radio/RADIO_05_TALK_01/radio_05.mp3”, volume = 0.2, name = “Blood Of Cu Chulainn” }

You shouldn’t change the resource foldername

When changing all https to http, you also get errors in the log, any way to change this? :

Everything seems to be working fine except for the fact that i can’t hear any music.