Custom Plate Format - British Format - Configurable - London Studios [Paid Resource]

Custom Plate Format - London Studios - (Paid)

This premium resource is a great addition to any roleplay server. This generates custom numberplate formatting for all the nearby AI vehicles and any you spawn in yourself.

Each country or region has different plate formatting - eg, NUMBER - LETTERS - NUMBER
The resource is setup for British plate formatting however you can easily edit the client file and change this

This is a simple, but effective resource and allows the AI to drive vehicles that are in-line with the legal numberplate formatting, rather than the American format.

Paid Resource

This is a paid resource, we are conducting the sale of it through Tebex. This is approved by FiveM and we have been in contact with them to confirm this sale is approved.

Find out more and purchase it here.

Full Features

Generated Plates - The plates are automatically generated. By default, they choose two letters from a list, two numbers and then three letters after a space. These are in-line with the DVSA and British Standards.
Editable Generation - You can easily edit the way the plates are formatted in the client file.
Configuration - You can configure the numbers and letters it chooses from and you can configure whether it should generate a plate for the vehicle the player is in, incase you have another script that does that and you want this just for AI.


  1. Purchase the resource through our Tebex store here.
  2. Create a new resource folder in your server directory.
  3. Check your email for the downloaded resource, please check your spam folder.
  4. Place the contents of the downloaded .zip inside the resource folder.
  5. Configure the resource to your liking


London Studios are committed to ensuring high standard support is offered to all customers who have purchased this resource. Our support team will do our best to assist you, however in some circumstances we will be unable to assist, such as integrating it with a framework our support team may not be familiar.


We appreciate feedback, bugs and suggestions related to Throw Bag and future plugins. We hope you enjoy using the resource and look forward to hearing from people and seeing videos/screenshots of the plugin in action!

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I have noticed another resource available which looks similar but isn’t paid…?

mind sending it here?

We’ve now got a new banner showcasing this resource. We hope you like it.


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You’ll receive the download link via email.


We launched London Studios exactly one year ago today, with the aim of releasing a few resources.

Since then, we’ve grown exponentially and to celebrate, everything on our store is 10% off for 24 hours only.

Additionally, we couldn’t have done it without the amazing community.

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Your marketing techniques are well let’s say pretty sad.

I can find not one image example of a Numberplate that is the same as UK number plate with full UK numbers and letters, which I assume is your selling point?

All I see is default gta numberplate

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If you read the initial post, you’d see this:

This script does nothing more than format the numberplates to your chosen format, which in the case of UK is seen above.

If you have any further questions please let us know.


Nope, I seen that. (Was referring more to your store advert)

I assumed the full UK registration plate.

Not the letters or Numbers layout

Just like this full UK Number plate with Numbers and Letters

well, good luck with your script as I see it slightly misleading, as your not changing the actual Plate! your just changing the alpha/and numerical values format


Thanks for the feedback, the resource makes it very clear what it does, just change the actual format of the plate- number and letter layout.

There are many free resources out there that can change the background of the plate if that is what you’re referring to.


New Auth System

Customer Update - Authentication System Changes

Hey all!

We just wanted to update all existing and new customers to the fact that we are now using the Tebex Escrow System for our resources. This means all resources are now linked to your FiveM Keymaster and increases security for our customers. If you are an existing customer, you’ll need to head to Keymaster here.

After downloading the resources, make sure to configure them and then they’ll be ready to go. For more information on the new Escrow system, see the post here.

Please note that you must be on server artifacts version 4752 for this to work. If you need any help, send us a message.