Custom map spawn

Hello I have a custom drift map on my server I have looked all over the forum trying to find a way when people login to server they get spawned on to the map and not have to fly to it or try and find it has any one sorted this problem

@kev89 change coordinates in the map.lua

kev89 for change coordinates use simple trainer he can give you the number
spawn an object and save “object.ini” and go to directory gta V and open object.ini and you will see [PLAYER ] 1 = x=xxxxxxx y=xxxxxx z=xxxxxx
ok ?

@GTAForTheLiving I tried that loads of times and did not work even made a map file in my drift map and still was flying

@TiTaNiUM_FiveReborn no not ok it’s not the coordinates I need as.i can get that with my trainer I use as I did that to try and put them into map file

@kev89 do you have skype i could help you out there

i have edited the map.lua file and still nothing any help any one please