Custom Map and Mini Map

Hello all and anyone that can help,

I was able to stream just like a vehicle a new map image to my Five Reborn Server so i could have a map with street names. Problem is the map only shows up when in the map menu and zoomed all the way out. If you zoom in a smaller gray box of the normal black gray map appears and i lose all street names. The mini map is also just staying the same black gray map. Has anyone had any luck or been able to figure this out?

Thanks for your help guys.


Do you have those files? I’d like to take a closer look at them…


The files that i streamed for the map? if so then yes, i am testing with these

It totally works in that it streamed it to the server and you can see it fully zoomed out. I guess what i am curious about is if FiveReborn is streaming it from server, but then overriding it with the stock game files once i you zoom in. Is there a way to defeat that either client or server side without modifying the required clean install of GTA V?

Thanks for your response

Might be the meta that’s included, where did you place that?

@Boss i placed the meta in to stream as well, because so far any time i modify my client side files it is causing a corrupt data issue

maybe if i only do the meta file it will be okay? i will test and get back to you

@Boss just tested it… didnt work… anytime i modify anything in Common.rpf or the rpf for game files i get the corrupt game cache

The meta should go client-sided.


@Boss yeap… did that… caused corrupt data issue

No, can’t be. That can’t cause a corrupt data message.

@Boss well whenever i change that file out using Open IV it gives me that error next time starting up FiveReborn

.@Boss Again Thank You for your help and time. I was able to un mess myself up and properly put the map zoom meta file in place client side. (dont ask… im just dumb and wasnt doing it right… :S) Following fixing that issue i have tested again and same issue. The map is showing up when zoomed all the way out but goes away when zooming in. Any further ideas? what resources does FiveReborn use? Does it have its own set of map resources that i just cant find right now??

Thanks again for your help and patience

It’s not using any specific map modification,

Please verify your GTA V - to make sure you have a clean GTA V.
Delete your cache folder (FiveReborn)
Add the ytd files to the server stream
Add the .meta file to citizen\common\data\ui

Try again.

So I’ve tested this out…

Placed mapzoomdata.meta in five reborn citizen/common/data/ui
Imported all the minimap.ytd’s using OpenIV (because they can’t be streamed) to x64b.rpf>data>cdimages>scaleform_generic.rpf

It worked perfectly on the start menu map, but nothing changed with the mini-map. I also tried importing mapzoomdata.meta using OpenIV to common.rpf/data/ui but got the same result.


I had the same result as deziel but it totally works fine for me… im fine with just having what i need in the main map… THANKS A TON FOR YOUR HELP.

Your awesome

@Boss Do you know how we would be able to retexture the minimap? What I mean is so that the minimap matches the same as the big map.


I see that on youtube but cant find it anywhere