Custom Joint Creation


So I’m trying to be smart but unfortunately just leaving myself with egg on my face… I want to make it possible that I can have:

6 different rolling papers, red, green etc…

Each rolling paper will be combinable with a different strain of weed… aka - AK47 weed + Red Rolling paper = AK47 Joint.

I’m having issues where I’ve copied the line for rolling paper… changed its name to “red_rollingpaper”, changed the accept item and the reward but its giving me the (Not enough rolling paper to produce the joint".

The items lua entries are:

['purple-haze-joint'] = {['name'] = 'purple-haze-joint', ['label'] = 'Purple Haze Joint', ['weight'] = 0, ['type'] = 'item', ['image'] = 'purple-haze-joint.png', ['unique'] = false, ['useable'] = true, ['shouldClose'] = true, ['combinable'] = nil, ['description'] = 'Sidney would be very proud at you'},

['purple_rollingpaper'] = {['name'] = 'purple_rollingpaper', ['label'] = 'Purple Rolling Paper', ['weight'] = 0, ['type'] = 'item', ['image'] = 'purple_rollingpaper.png', ['unique'] = false, ['useable'] = false, ['shouldClose'] = true, ['combinable'] = {accept = {'bagged_purple-haze'}, reward = 'purple-haze-joint', anim = {['dict'] = '[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]', ['lib'] = 'weed_inspecting_high_base_inspector', ['text'] = 'Rolling purple haze joint', ['timeOut'] = 5000,}}, ['description'] = 'Paper made specifically for encasing and smoking tobacco or cannabis.'},

["bagged_purple-haze"] = {["name"] = "bagged_purple-haze", ["label"] = "Bagged Purple Haze", ["weight"] = 100, ["type"] = "item", ["image"] = "bagged_purple-haze.png", ["unique"] = false, ["useable"] = true, ["shouldClose"] = true, ["combinable"] = nil, ["description"] = "Purple Haze Herb Pack."},

The confusing thing is… if I use the default items.lua rolling paper… and remove the “accept” to just 1 weed strain… It still lets me roll other strains we have into joints… so that tells me there’s somewhere else in the core thats got this event/trigger…

Would any have a clue??

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