Custom Blips Stacking on Map

I’ve tried to add my own blips to the map, but I’m running into a roadblock… ALL of the blips I’ve made are all stacked on top of each other in the middle of Los Santos, as if they had the EXACT same coordinates. All of them have their unique colors and icons but they’re all in the same stacked position.

My prints return perfectly, saying the name and the correct coordinates. Also worth noting that my map won’t let me scroll left or down from where the icons are stacking; Meaning, I can’t scroll down to the airport or over to the beach.

EDIT I just verified with that the icons are all stacking at 0, 0, 0.

local blips = {
	{title="Blip1", colour=38, id=60, x = 427, y = -980, z = 30},
	{title="Blip2", colour=1, id=50, x = -634, y = -119, z = 38},
	{title="Blip3", colour=8, id=61, x = 312, y = -1446, z = 29},
	{title="Blip4", colour=37, id=475, x = -542, y = -208, z = 40}


print("Adding Map Icons!")

for _, info in pairs(blips) do

  info.blip = AddBlipForCoord(info.x, info.y, info.z)
  SetBlipDisplay(info.blip, 3)
  SetBlipScale(info.blip, 0.9)
  SetBlipColour(info.blip, info.colour)
  SetBlipAsShortRange(info.blip, false)
  print("Added "..(info.title).." @ "..(info.x)..", "..(info.y))

print("Finished adding map icons!")


Solved. The numbers must be floats and not integers. Added .0 and it works now just fine.