CURLcode 0x22 Problem

Hello, every time I seem to open FR it wants to update and gets 20%-ish done but CURLcode 0x22 pops up and stops updating and closes.

Any help would be great!

This error --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Downloading of failed with CURLcode 0x22 --------------------------- OK ---------------------------

I have the same if this is

And i didnt know how to resolve this…

Look maybe this will help you Error when updating FiveReborn : disable all process but at me doesnt worked

I had a similar issue with ' I went to and downloaded the file manually. I then drag & dropped the file into my FiveReborn folder, reran the .exe and it loaded for me.

Hope that works for u 2.

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How i do this manually ?

Strange…after like 15 times it finally updated but it looks like almost all the servers are empty

I will try this solution and if this will work thank you

At me is 45% i am waiting

I entered fiverebon and it works !