CURLcode 0x16


I can´t install FiveReborn, i only get CURLcode 0x16

Please help me :confused:

Legit or Pirate copy? Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club? Social Club
Windows version? Windows 10 64 bit
Error screenshot file:///C:/Users/caspe/OneDrive/Bilder/2016-11-01/IMG_0238.JPG
GTA V folder screenshot file:///C:/Users/caspe/OneDrive/Bilder/2016-11-01/IMG_0237.JPG
FiveReborn client folder screenshot file:///C:/Users/caspe/OneDrive/Bilder/2016-11-01/IMG_0235.JPG

Reinstall FiveReborn, delete the folder, make a new and install FiveReborn there.


Tested it for at les 3 times, dont working, but i can test again

Duuude! Du är svensk!! Eller?

Please take a screenshot from this folder; update/x64/dlcpacks/

@Boss okay

@Boss Just gonna download it, i trying to redownload, so wait 10 min

New Error screenshot : file:///C:/Users/caspe/OneDrive/Bilder/2016-11-01/IMG_0239.JPG

uptade/x64/dlcpacks/ : file:///C:/Users/caspe/OneDrive/Bilder/2016-11-01/IMG_0240.JPG

Upload here -


You are missing DLCs, please update your GTA V this can most likely be done by just playing the game. It fails to download the DLCs locally because they do not exist.

Okay starting the game!

The hole game was not downloaded, ops, :confused: LOL!


So, the game started i testing again now


Semms to working, THANKS!!! :D: :smiley:

No problem, glad you resolved the issue.


jUST LAGGING AS F**K in the server menu

Hey, I got the same error too. How do I fix it? I ask because I SHOULD have the whole game installed thanks to steam. Here’s an image of the error code:

Any ideas?

Try to verify cache by steam, if you’re missing files, it will download them.

i have this problem too. what can i do now???
p;ease help me