Curl Error 0x18

I have tried several other options listed on here including downloading the file directly and renaming, removing caches.xml, and redownloading fivereborn. I have been unsuccessful in all these attempts. I have fivereborn on my pc but my laptop will not load the update for some reason. I have a current version of GTAV and all my drivers are up to date. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You in Advance

you could just copy the files from your laptop to your pc, and modify citizenfx.ini to point to your pc’s game installation

I am unable to do that for a while. I am traveling right now and wont be home until April. I would like to get this working before then for obvious reasons. Thanks for the thought though.

can you open a command prompt, and see if the command ping responds with anything?
if it times out, try doing ipconfig/flushdns in the command prompt and then try updating again.

I was bale to send and receive 4 packets with an average ping of 348ms. Could a slow enough internet connection, or one that drops on a regular basis be the reason for the error? I know that the internet were im at is sporadic and drops for a split second every couple of minutes. Or it seems that way to me at least, Pages are constantly refreshing themselves without me hitting anything.