Curl Error 0x18: First install

Trying to install FiveReborn for the first time, the updater is trying to download the file from this link “”. I have tried downloading it manually and placing it in the …/cache/game folder and changing the extension to .exe.tmp, but that doesn’t work. When downloading it manually, the file shows as around 500Mb but when it completes it is only 30Mb.
Could this be the problem, and how can I fix it?

Delete the file from the folder and also delete caches.xml just in case.

It worked, deleting caches.xml did the trick (I guess?). The file wasn’t in the folder.


You only deleted the caches ?


Where did you find the file? Can you upload it so I can try again, or post the link (hope its safe)?
I’m having the same problem and can’t find a solution.

It is in the main directory. Underneath the folders, it should be the second one down. I am trying this fix now and will let you know if it works for me as well. Good luck.