Cup-diet-sink - Clients Crashing from Server

  1. Client(s) (production) and FXServer v1.0.0.5848 linux

  2. We recently transfered our server over from a Windows box to a Linux box, and during that transition there were many variables. We added/removed/modified some scripts, changed operating systems, and changed Server Artifacts. However, after we switched to Linux we some of our users began experiencing game crashes with the Legacy Crash Hash: cup-diet-sink

  3. From our further testing, it appears clients crash when their vehicle is damaged. Two users experienced a crash while driving vehicles, and were struck by a semi-truck trailer. Another user struck a fence and that resulted in a game crash.

  4. Client/Server?

  5. As stated before, when a vehicle suffers damage. It is not 100% reproducible, most users will hit objects and their game will not crash, however sometimes, it will result in a game crash with the same hash.

Server Details
We are currently running FXServer 5848 Linux, the current recommended build. We have also tried a newer version, FXServer 6230 Linux. Player count has been less than 6. Total player slots 48, one sync enabled.

After about 2 hours of gameplay we managed to get one user’s game to crash, and that was when he drove into a fence. Attached below is one user’s log and dump. (2.0 MB)
CitizenFX_log_2023-03-13T011058.log (475.2 KB)

Also experiencing this exact same crash on multiple of our windows servers… nothing has changed on the server.

We have the exact same stack trace. Started happening since Thursday last week. Also seems to be when vehicles are damaged but is not 100% reproducible.

CitizenFX_log_2023-03-18T081222.log (128.8 KB)
d873e18f-66df-445c-b90b-a1ab05391372.dmp (8.4 MB)

From the crash .zip (crashometry.json):

"crashometry_onesync_enabled": "false"

This could explain some recent change not being tested in that context.

We ended up enabling OneSync on our server and adjusting our code-base to support it and that resolved the crashes for us :slight_smile: