Crystal Bay looking for staff and LEO/civs!

Hello everyone!

I am part of an amazing community called Crystal Bay.

We’ve recently undergone some changes and are looking to renew our staff team and our LEO departments!

Were currently looking for both experienced and inexperienced people that have a drive to work hard and help grow the community!

The positions were looking to fill are as follow:

  • Moderator
  • Admin (promoted into from moderator)
  • Head of and high ranking officers in Sheriff
  • High ranking officers in the Police departments
  • Head of and high ranking members of the Fire/EMS department
  • Reqruitment helpers/Staff
  • Graphic Designers
  • Developers
  • Content Creators (youtube/streamer)
  • Other roles that you may fill to help out!

If you think you’d be a good fir into out community and want to help grow and flourish witin FiveM RP join our discord server and private message either Exa (Founder) or BlueAussie (Owner)!

See you in the server!