CRP | Police RP | Need DEVELOPMENT | Custom Vehicles | Active Staff

Good Morning,Good Afternoon or Good Evening. I’m Joker with Coastal Roleplay or CRP. We are a new fivem server that is actively looking to fill Staff, Development and LEO positions.

-A bit about us-

We previously have been actively running Garry’s mod communities for many years and have decided to branch into FiveM. Myself (Joker) has been in many FiveM communities. I’ve helped get servers off the ground and also been Staff in most servers I have worked with. We created CRP with the ideals of a serious roleplay environment that everyone could come to enjoy!!!

  • We are officially Launched and we have been doing multiple updates to keep things fresh and exciting! *

-Actively seeking Staff & Development Positions-

At this point in time we are looking for

*** Full time Moderators**
*** Gang Members **
*** Full time Deputies & Troopers**
*** Now looking for Full time Fire & EMS!!**
*** People willing to open businesses **
*** And Much More** :palm_tree:

Our Server Offers

*** Nice EUP**
*** Many MLO’s**
*** A growing community**
*** Create your own businesses**
*** Active Staff**
*** Own your own towing company**
*** Bail Bonds will be implemented**

*** A Mature Roleplay Environment*
*** Active Updates & Changes**
*** With so much more to come!!!**

If your are at all interested

  • Join our discord
  • Or message me on discord Provenjoker#9020
  • Click f8 and Paste connect
  • Or just look up Coastal Roleplay

Lastly I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read this and I truly hope you join us!!!

Add me please I would like to join Lam James#8690

Added! Thank you for the interest!

@Provenjoker I don’t see you on my pending I try adding you but it said invalid


Still looking for a developer!

Boost / Devs needed

Development needed!

Need someone who can handle perms!
and get us on our feet!

Some EUP updates and much more!

Would love to see more people !

Tried to join the discord but it’s invalid

Getting more members every day!

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[/quote] That is invalid invite

Come Join us!!! High comp needed!

Join the BCSO today.

  • Sheriff McRoric

Come join us

S.W.A.T is now open!!

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office open now! Looking for full-time deputies!

We are almost 100 strong!!