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Built by roleplayers for roleplayers, CrownRP is built from the ground up to provide a uniquely immersive Red Dead Roleplay experience.

  • Discord: Our entire community is built around Discord as the one-stop-shop for all things CrownRP, including;
    • Allowlist Applications
    • Law Enforcement Applications
    • Player Reports
    • Staff Help
    • Keybinds, Commands, and FAQs
    • Connection Info

  • Twitter: Follow us on Twitter for community updates, news, and shout-outs several times per week.

Set your stories, and roleplay the world of Red Dead Redemption II - with the States of Lemoyne, Ambarino, New Hanover, West Elizabeth, and New Austin open and available for you and your stories.

  • Harvesting:
    There are over 100 unique props within the world that you can take items from, such as getting corn and cotton from the farms near Rhodes, or gunpowder from crates and barrels in Annesburg.

  • Crafting:
    Almost everything you find can be used, or crafted into a usable item at one of the many crafting props found throughout the world. Use stoves to cook food, campfires for basic provisions, workbenches for tools and illegal items, and much more.

  • Buying & Selling:
    Almost every item you can craft, or that you craft with, can be bought and sold in general stores throughout the region, with some stores having higher prices, and showing preference, for certain items.

With five States available to roleplay within, we have moved away from local law offices like those seen in Valentine or Saint Denis, and towards a Federal approach - with the United States Marshals Service upholding the laws and ordinances across the region; dubbed The Lemoyne Territories.

  • Roleplay First:
    We encourage all of our Deputy Marshals to put roleplay above all else, rather than becoming law enforcement machines strictly bound to standard operating procedures and policies. We have found that this leads to a much better roleplay experience for everyone on all sides of any situation, as it allows more room for situations to be played out.

  • Actions, Consequences:
    Law enforcement is trained to respond and react accordingly, with roleplay in mind, to any and all arrests that they make. As such, small-time crime will generally be served locally in Marshals Offices around the region, with higher-profile crimes, such as murder, resulting in considerably higher amounts of time, and fines, for those found guilty.

It’s often said that crime doesn’t pay, but that’s not always true as smart crime will absolutely pay you handsomely.

  • Petty Crime:
    With the previously mentioned harvesting system, comes a wide range of petty crime as just because you can take something, doesn’t mean it’s always going to be legal. For example, farmers aren’t going to be thrilled about you taking their crops to line your own pockets, and Annesburg miners won’t be thrilled about having their supplies taken.

  • Burglary
    You see that cash register? You can break into it.
    That chest at the foot of a bed? With the right tools you can crack it open.
    Rather than setting up a series of pre-defined locations that we thought should be robbable, we use a system where we can allow any prop in the game to be robbed - with rewards ranging from a few items, to quite a few dollars in value.

  • Robberies
    Law enforcement aren’t the only ones that can search other people and seize items - after all, why would they be? You can hold up, search, and take items from any other character in the server - allowing you to be the highwayman you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Untaxed Goods
    Brewing your own booze isn’t illegal in The Lemoyne Territories, but trafficking it and selling it for profit absolutely is.

  • … More:
    There are a variety of higher-profile crimes that can be committed on CrownRP, but we’d rather you found those out through roleplay, in-game!

Above all else, our top priority with CrownRP is to put roleplay first and create a community within which anyone can find themselves welcome to play their character, and create stories together.

  • Here For You:
    We want to work with our community to create, and enable the creation of, immersive and engaging roleplay stories. Whether you have a simple question, or a storyline idea you want feedback on, we can always be reached through Discord and are always happy to chat with community members.

  • Safety First:
    The end of the 1800’s wasn’t a pleasant time for many people, which is something we aren’t aiming to replicate with CrownRP - which is why we refer to our version fo 1899 as a “Romanticized Version of The Old West.” The atrocitries, prejudices, and hatefulness of the time is not, and will never be, present within our roleplay or our community.

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The US Marshals Service held their first public execution today, sentencing Edwin Rothechild to death by firing squad for x14 First Degree Murder, x12 Second Degree Murder, x02 Robbery and x01 Attempted Murder charge.

I managed to grab a bunch of screenshots throughout the proceedings, but the above one is easily my favorite - especially with a bit of editing!

The first rule of the Marshal’s fight club, you do not talk about the Marshal’s fight club.

Eight Marshal’s hiked for hours through wolves and frigid temperatures on Mount Hagan yesterday looking for their mark.