🌟 Crimson Frontier 2.0 | Open Now Testing Phase | Searching for new members | Be a Part of the Evolution | Script Synergy, Realistic Economy

:star2: Server Changelog - Gangs and Camps Update :star2:

:gun: Embrace the Frontier Brotherhood!

Introducing a new era of camaraderie in Crimson Frontier! Players now have the power to band together in gangs or even forge their own. Here’s what’s in store:

:busts_in_silhouette: Join or Forge Your Own Path:

  • Players can now join existing gangs or take the bold step to create their own. To establish a new gang, consult the staff or reach out to f0rza_sp0tter.

:camping: Claim Your Territory:

  • Once part of a gang, members can establish their very own gang camp. A place to regroup, plan, and strengthen your gang’s presence in the frontier.

:punch: Strength in Numbers:

  • Gangs provide a sense of unity, support, and shared purpose. Together, you’ll leave an indelible mark on the landscape of Crimson Frontier.

:shield: A Note for Aspiring Gang Leaders:

  • If you’re keen to lead your own gang, reach out to f0rza_sp0tter or the staff for guidance on initiation and setting up your gang.

:sunrise_over_mountains: Forge Your Frontier Legacy!

With gangs, camps, and boundless possibilities, Crimson Frontier is yours to shape. Unite, strategize, and leave an indomitable mark on this untamed land.

Best regards,
Crimson Frontier Staff Team

:star2: Welcome to Crimson Frontier - Forge Your Wild West Legacy!

Saddle up, partner! Step into the untamed world of Crimson Frontier, where the Wild West awaits your every move. :cactus::racehorse:

:fire: What Awaits You?

  • Immerse yourself in an expansive frontier ripe for exploration.
  • Engage in thrilling gunfights, form alliances, or make your mark as a lone wolf.
  • Shape your destiny through an evolving storyline and dynamic player-driven events.

:hammer_and_wrench: Features:

  • Customizable character options for a truly unique identity.
  • Engaging jobs and activities, from bounty hunting to moonshining.
  • An economy system that reflects the challenges of life on the frontier.

:busts_in_silhouette: Connect with Like-Minded Outlaws:

  • Forge bonds with fellow adventurers, plan heists, and carve out your own legend.

:sunrise: The Frontier Awaits - Where Will Your Story Begin?

Join us at Crimson Frontier and let the Wild West come alive! :sunrise_over_mountains::horse::gun:

:cloud_with_snow: Winter Has Arrived in Crimson Frontier! :cloud_with_snow:

Dear Adventurers,

As the first snowflakes gently blanket the frontier, we invite you to embrace the cozy charm of winter in Crimson Frontier. Crackling fires, warm drinks, and the camaraderie of fellow travelers await you.

Join our Discord community to share in the joys of the season. Engage in heartwarming conversations, swap tales of your frontier adventures, and discover the hidden treasures that winter holds.

Let’s make this winter a time to remember in Crimson Frontier!

Warm regards,
Crimson Frontier Staff Team

:fishing_pole_and_fish: Cast Your Cares Away! :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Dive into tranquility as you embark on a fishing adventure in the serene waters of Crimson Frontier. Pack your gear, find your spot, and let the soothing rhythm of nature take over. Happy fishing! :fish::ocean:

:loudspeaker::cactus: Crimson Frontier Gazette - Extra! Extra! Hiring Call! :star2:


Greetings, member of the untamed West,

In the sprawling world of Crimson Frontier, the township is in search of pioneers to uphold the law, mend the wounded, forge arms, and steward the heartbeat of our saloons.


  1. Sheriff: A steadfast guardian of law and justice.
  2. Medics: Skilled healers, the lifeblood of the frontier.
  3. Weaponsmiths: Craftsmen forging instruments of justice.
  4. Saloon Owners: Visionaries to curate the camaraderie of our gathering places.

Should the call of the frontier stir your spirit, set forth to the Crimson Frontier’s destiny!

:globe_with_meridians: **To stake your claim, join the discord server to get your job.

Seize the reins of destiny, pioneers! The frontier awaits your indelible mark.

Yours in the spirit of adventure,
Crimson Frontier Gazette :newspaper2:

:star2: Frontier Update - Post Office Robberies :star2:

:email: Cash, watches and bars:
It seems like the post offices were stocked up! Take a lockpick, a gun and do one of the newly added Post Office Heists!

:policeman: Force de resistance:
If a vault in a post office is looted, the forces of good are quick to arrive on the scene. Equipped with rifles and revolvers, you will have to fight your way out of the post office and into freedom!

:world_map: Locations:
The St. Denis, Valentine, Blackwater, Rhodes, Wallace Station, Riggs Station Post Offices are robbable.

:globe_with_meridians: Let’s get out there, Outlaws!

Yours in frontier camaraderie,
Crimson Frontier Staff Team

Dear Crimson Frontier community,

It’s with a mix of reflection and anticipation that we share a significant announcement.There is currently little activity on our RedM server, leaving us wondering how best to move forward. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to embark on a transformative journey towards Crimson Frontier 2.0.

The goal? To breathe new life into our community, fostering increased engagement and activity. This decision doesn’t come lightly, but we believe it’s essential for creating an experience that resonates with each one of you.

Our Discord server will remain a vital hub for updates, discussions, and shared excitement during this transitional period. We’re eager to revitalize and redefine Crimson Frontier with your input and presence.

Thank you for being part of our community. We can’t wait to unveil Crimson Frontier 2.0, a space where your adventures and stories will truly thrive.

Best regards,
Crimson Frontier Team

We’re thrilled to share that Crimson Frontier 2.0 is well underway in development! As we aim to enhance your roleplay experience, we need YOUR help to make it even more vibrant and engaging.

:briefcase: Recruitment Mission:
Many of you have already felt the buzz, and now we invite you to spread it further. Help us grow our community by inviting friends, family, or anyone you think would love to be part of our evolving story.

:rocket: Crimson Frontier 2.0 Highlights:

  • :globe_with_meridians: Script Synergy: Seamlessly integrated features for a smoother experience.
  • :chart: Realistic Economy: Witness a thriving in-game economic system.
  • :game_die: Fun Scripts: Try your luck with blackjack and explore more entertaining features!
  • :office: Custom Interiors: Dive into enhanced building interiors for a more immersive world.
  • :fire: Exciting Events and Engaging Roleplay: Be part of an ever-evolving narrative.

:link: Join the Discord to get ready for CFRP 2.0

:mega: Spread the Word: Crimson Frontier is leveling up! Share this invite in other servers, and let’s make 2.0 something extraordinary!

:sunrise_over_mountains: See you in the upgraded Crimson Frontier! :star2:

Some sneak peaks for CFPR 2.0

A beautifel new menu

The new multicharacter interface

Crimson Frontier 2.0 Early State Changelog :star2:

:rocket: New Features:

  • Revamped Menu Experience: Enjoy a sleek new menu design inspired by the wild west aesthetic of RDR2. Navigate seamlessly and immerse yourself in the adventure.

  • Enhanced Multicharacter UI: Explore the world of Crimson Frontier with the all-new multicharacter UI. Manage your characters with ease and dive into immersive roleplay.

  • Realistic Gun Sounds: Feel the authenticity of the wild west with our newly added realistic gun sounds. Every shot becomes an immersive experience, adding depth to your adventures.

  • Townhall Upgrades: Now, the townhall is your one-stop-shop for progress. Purchase houses to call home and apply for jobs to make your mark in the rugged lands of Crimson Frontier.

:tools: Improvements:

  • Bug Fixes: We’ve squashed bugs to ensure a smoother gameplay experience. Your journey in Crimson Frontier 2.0 just got even better!

:tada: Stay Tuned: This is just the beginning! Crimson Frontier 2.0 is in its early stages, and we’re gearing up for an epic journey. Get ready for more updates and exciting features as we craft the future of Wild West RP.

:cactus: Crimson Frontier 2.0: Join the Frontier! :rocket:

Dear CFRP community,

Get ready for CFRP 2.0! We’re on the lookout for Sheriffs and Medics to shape the Wild West narrative. Applications are open in #sheriff-application and #medic-application on Discord. Become a part of our tight-knit community and dive into the adventure. Let’s ride, partners! :star2:

New to CFRP 2.0

Having a smoke with some friends

:rocket: Crimson Frontier 2.0 Update: Almost There!

Dear member of the Crimson Frontier community,

Exciting news! We’re on the brink of completing Crimson Frontier 2.0, and we need your help to make it perfect. We’re looking for dedicated individuals to join our testing team and provide valuable feedback. If you’re passionate about shaping the future of our server, this is your chance!

:mag: Testers Wanted:
We’re seeking enthusiastic testers to explore the new features, uncover any bugs, and ensure a smooth launch for everyone. Be a crucial part of the final preparations!

:clapper: Trailer Collaboration:
Additionally, we’re inviting creative minds to collaborate on crafting an epic trailer for Crimson Frontier 2.0. If you have skills in video editing, storytelling, or a keen eye for cinematic excellence, join us in creating a trailer that captures the essence of our Wild West adventure.

:construction: How to Join:
If you’re interested in testing or contributing to the trailer, simply fill out the google form https://forms.gle/bzcQeWChCn25kpVk6. Let’s make Crimson Frontier 2.0 an unforgettable experience together!

:star2: Thank you for your ongoing support. The Wild West awaits, and we can’t wait to embark on this next chapter with you!

Best regards,
The Crimson Frontier Team

:loudspeaker: Attention Crimson Frontier Community!

We need your help to make Crimson Frontier 2.0 a reality, but so far, no one has filled in the form we shared for testing and trailer assistance. Your input is critical for the development and launch of 2.0, and without it, we can’t move forward.

:rocket: Why Your Input Matters:

  • Testing: Your feedback helps us identify and fix any issues before the official launch, ensuring a smooth experience for everyone.
  • Trailer Assistance: We need volunteers to help us create an exciting trailer for 2.0. Your participation will add depth and creativity to the project.

:bulb: How You Can Help:

  • Fill in the Google Form: Your responses will provide valuable insights for refining and enhancing Crimson Frontier 2.0.
  • Volunteer for the Trailer: Join us in-game to capture footage for the trailer, showcasing the unique features and atmosphere of 2.0.

:link: Form Link: Google Form

Your involvement is crucial for the success of Crimson Frontier 2.0. Let’s work together to create an unforgettable experience for our community. Thank you for your support!

Best regards,
The Crimson Frontier Team

:mega: Exciting News for the Crimson Frontier Community!

We’re thrilled to announce that Crimson Frontier is now open for public access! :tada: However, please note that we’re still in the testing phase as we work to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players.

:rocket: What to Expect:

  • Dive into the immersive world of Crimson Frontier and explore its unique features.
  • Engage in roleplay, complete missions, and interact with fellow players.
  • Help us refine and improve the server by providing valuable feedback.

:mag: Testing Phase:
During this phase, you may encounter occasional bugs or issues as we fine-tune the server. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated as we work to deliver the best possible experience.

:bulb: How You Can Help:

  • Report Bugs: If you encounter any issues or bugs, please report them to our staff team.
  • Provide Feedback: Share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions with us to help shape the future of Crimson Frontier.

:link: Join Us Today:
Ready to embark on an exciting journey in Crimson Frontier? Join us now and be part of our testing phase!

We can’t wait to see you in the Wild West of Crimson Frontier!

Best regards,
The Crimson Frontier Team

Is this server going to be whitelisted after testing?

the server is open for everyone, it is just in the testing phase to solve bugs but everyone is free to join

Having a good smoke on Crimson Frontier!