Criminal Doctor V2 [Release][ESX]

Hi agian, just updated the Criminal Doctor with some new functions.

  • Adding ped at desk
  • Added a ped that treats you

If you want the same MLO as used in the screenshot, download the MLO below.

Next up, if you want to use another MLO, you need to change the camera coords. This is also noted in the github repo, with all the requirements etc.


take the money but dont heal patient

ped in the air

maybe is not with you but doors are mess up

Seems to an fuck up with the ped at the desk and some money stuff. I will fix it later tomorrow

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{x = -1403.40, y = -440.46, z = 35.36}

us these cords if you want the doctor in front of the table. still having problems with it healing you. sometimes it doesn’t work at all and sometimes it puts you on the table and doesn’t heal you.

As stated, this is being fixed as I am typing this.

Nice release. I think revive will be more usefull than sethp :stuck_out_tongue:

does this work with mythic_hospital?

I just did this to make it work with mythic_hospital

Open sv_criminalDoctor.lua and replace line 7 - 26 with this code:
(or just paste in the two lines I’ve added see the comments beside them)

AddEventHandler("chip_cDoc:takeMoney", function()
    local _source = source
    local xPlayer  = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(_source)
    if xPlayer.getMoney() > Config.toPay then
        TriggerClientEvent("chip_cDoc:getHelp", source)
		TriggerClientEvent('mythic_hospital:client:RemoveBleed', source) -- removes mythic bleed
		TriggerClientEvent('mythic_hospital:client:ResetLimbs', source) -- resets mythic limb damage
        TriggerClientEvent('mythic_notify:client:SendAlert', source, 
            type = 'error', 
            text = 'You dont have enough money', 
            style = { ['background-color'] = '#ffffff', ['color'] = '#000000' } 


All fixed now.


it still doesn’t work. doesn’t heal, and when you try and go a second time it glitches you under them map.

Yeah, but its not meant to revive a player. The purpose is that you can go here if you are injured and a criminal, which would make it hard going to the hospital. Or if you are done a act of crime and, for example, gotten shot and cannot return to the hospital and your out of medkit/bandage.

But feel free to modify it.

okay thank you very much!

Still having a issue with the bed coords I think. It keeps putting me under the desk changing the Z doesn’t seem to do anything?

You can clone the latest commit now.

Dude, i can’t get help, all the time it’s said i don’t have enough money, but i have 2000 money/black money/account money so i don’t know why … Can you help me to resolve it ?

Ok i solve it it need 2001$ to use ^^

Could you make a version for pNotify and progressBars?
I can’t make it work… :frowning:

Hi! awsome script mate, works great :slight_smile: But it only heals 50% of the HP anyway to change that? couldn’t find a obvious code in there

Hey did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same issue. I know this script is old, but still kinda works.