Creative Minds RP | Whitelisted | Serious RP | Active Staff and Development Team | Brand New City

We Creative Minds are currently looking for new players to grow our whitelisted community
and build a strong player base. With Active Dev focused on community feedback. We also have a fivem server as well. We have lots to offer and are constantly evolving. Lots of custom stuff using QBR-Core.

Come on in and join the fun.
We are also looking for PD, Doctors, and many more Positions.

:gun: Custom Heists and Robberies
:policeman: PD Departments
:lab_coat: Doctors
Constant Development
:man_factory_worker: In Depth Jobs
:house: Custom Housing
Crafting System

Discord: Creative Minds RP

Looking for Police and Doctors

Looking for developers!

you looking for devs/merge under one banner?

Come on in New stuff added all the time

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