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Hello & Welcome to Creative Life RP!

Our #1 priority is to make scenarios more immersive and more in-depth than ever before. Today, we have a lot of features other servers don’t have, and are looking to add more, which you can find below:

-To start, we use a custom framework, which has a similar feel to ESX without any of the drawbacks. It offers support for up to 12 UNIQUE characters without ANY data overlap between characters or things like garages and inventories. ESX lovers will never look back for ESX!
-To add to our custom framework, we also develop our own scripts from scratch as well as improve community scripts! From customizing the car dealership inventory as the manager to pressing Z to find our intuitive player list, we’re sure you’ll be amazed at what our truly awesome economy server looks like! We also have a beta program for those looking to help influence our development further!
-We allow full map area of play (excluding Fort Zancudo for obvious reasons). No more getting told “go to AOP or ban” by staff in the city whenever you want to hike up Mt. Chiliad!
-We have lots of cool activities, ranging from gunrunning, being a car sales representative or a police officer, or even owning a convenient store! You can also run drugs, rob and hustle houses, and show off your fake-cop skills with red & blue neon + headlight sync at the push of a button, and more! We even have free neon on all cars!

The more we grow, the better our community can become!

Advantages of CLRP’s Server:

-Clean UI: The UI you’re always looking at is simple and organized. Customization of the UI may come in the future to allow players to further clean it up.
-Easy-To-Use Menus: Menu lovers that never liked commands can finally let out a sigh of relief. Our economy server has the simplicity of menus combined with a fully-loaded economy server. Never worry about remembering commands like /postal and /emote again! You can also customize the K menu (primary interactions menu) to make it full of options or clutter-free!
-Help Menu Upon Joining: When you pick a character to spawn in as, a help menu will appear so you’ll always know how to use our server.
-Server-Side EUP: We stream our EUP pack so you don’t have to install anything!
-Persistent Walk Styles: Choose from a variety of styles for each of your 1-12 characters! (facial expressions coming soon)
-In-Game MDT & Auto-Plate Registering: Our in-game MDT is custom and allows us to log warrants, arrests, BOLOs, traffic violations, and reports without having to tab-out or open a web browser. This means no more having to register for a poor-quality CAD to play our server!
-Separation of Lives: Instead of sharing one phone number, one car collection, one inventory, etc across 4 characters, each of your 12 characters at CLRP are 100% Separate.
-Active development: From our beta program to updates both big and small, we’re sure to impress you!

Script-Based Activities for Players:

-Legal Jobs, such as Garbage Collector, Pool Cleaner, Pizza Delivery, and more!
-Store & Bank Robberies
-Home Hustling & Robberies
-Fishing Hobby
-Drug Runs
-Jewelry Heist
-Actual “Grand Theft Auto” activity- jack a target car and get paid!
-Car Chopping
-Writing and mailing letters & packages- our postal job will let players run the mail system and get paid
-We’re always looking for new ideas!

Whitelisted Departments: We’re hiring LEADERSHIP for ALL of the following:

-SAHP/SAST - Highways & Assistance in Sheriff Zones
-BCSO - North SA Sheriff
-LSPD - City PD
-LSSD - South SA Sheriff
-FIB (possibly - definitely join our Discord and ask about this!)
-EMS & Fire (Save lives)
-Mechanics (Change plates, repair cars, or break the bad news when a car is totaled)
-Car Sales (Sell cars to players & get promoted to manage the inventory )
-Vanilla Unicorn (18+)
-Storm Chasing (We have an on-demand tornado script!)
-Government (Governor, Mayor, etc.)

Hiring Staff Spots:

YES, we are also hiring full-time Mods & Admins, so join today and start playing to get your spot!
We’re also allowing ANYONE to opt-in for our beta testing menu to test and use our newest of features (such as the new walk styles option as seen at the end of this post). Just ask for it after joining our Discord!

Future Plans:

We’re focused on making sure you have what you need for RPing here properly. We plan on adding things such as more vehicles, available housing/other properties, furthering development of our custom framework server and its custom scripts.

Additional Features:

-We have a grand total of 500+ cars to choose from, but hurry up and get the one you want: The showroom managers rotate stock to keep things fresh! Also, feel free to negotiate!
-We also have excellent controller support, but if anything isn’t working, we’re always happy to fix it.
-Our desire for realistic pricing has our server carefully balanced for both great income and prices you’d find in-real-life! Ditch those inflated servers that pay little and charge insane- join our server where the cash will come in fast and leave slowly!
-Liberty City is east of San Andreas. Satisfy your need to visit this beautiful city and create awesome memories today!
-Lastly, we have a custom map add-on to expand the amount of houses and apartments for Sandy Shores, and the original vibe is still present thanks to no extra vegetation.

We’re definitely are looking to add more and edit more. We’re also taking suggestions from all members!

If you are interested in joining :
(If invalid, give a try or ask below for an invite)

Thank you for reading this thread, and be sure to join us if you are interested or have any questions/comments/concerns! We’re always happy to help you if you’re unsure about anything, so please feel free to stop by. Have a great day!

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great server, great staff

We’re working on optimizing our server even further (we’ve always had a smooth experience with basically no frame time warnings), so check us out today!

Creative Life RP has been gradually stepping up the roleplay game! We are still hiring for LEO and all whitelisted jobs! Join us today and see how amazing of a server Creative Life RP is and call CLRP home!

We just added Liberty City! Come join us now and get a free home. OFFER ENDS AT 12 AM EDT SO HURRY UP!

We’re doing a demolition derby event night! Prizes WILL be awarded! Come check out our server’s event night tonight at 8 PM Central (9PM Eastern) 3/23/2021

We’re having a purge event! We’re also giving away FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS in celebration of crushing our 100 Discord members goal!!! Join today!

We’re now an 18+ server! We hope to see you soon, my fellow adults!