Creating vehicle registration

hello, i will creating vehicle registration script for fivem servers, how to make my registration expire every 7 days

I do not know how you would code it. But I use the qidentification resource for ID cards and they default to a 30 day expiration. All it does is print it on the card, but I am sure there would be a way you could export that variable and use it. You’d have to take a look at it.

I am certain I have seen vehicle registrations in CAD/MDT systems, but to have a skinny, standalone script would be cool. Let me know when you get to the beta testing phase, I love to test stuff. :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I am not a programmer.

ty for reply. I continue chating with you later, i go to school. Bye

you can use esx documents butnits for rp use it will not expired the registration via codes only in rp ways

I just need to put in the database on cars that are registered and that the registration is older than 7 days to put that it is not registered

ok its up to you…

Save the registration date (in unix) and the expire date, in unix as well. Then, in server code, just check once an hour or something, if current unix time is equal or bigger than the expire date unix time.

hmmm, good idea, i try to create on this way