Creating Opaque, Clear, Window-like, or Glass Items & Textures?

Hi there!

I am currently in need of some help figuring out how to make certain custom props see-through such as glasses, windows, etc. I have been working on figuring this out myself, but have not been able to find any information regarding this!

For context, I have Blender 3.4, 4.0, and 4.1 each with their own compatible versions of Sollumz, but have noticed that when attempting this in blender, the glass texture solidifies and does not appear opaque. I am working on a bakery display case and cannot for the life of me get the glass part to be see-through, thus rendering my prop useless.

If anyone has any information or tips to achieve this, any and all help is much appreciated! <3

Thank you!

EDIT: I realised after posting this that this is for RedM, not sure if its the same as GTA?

cube > resize to window,
create drawable with embedded collisions
Collision > glass type (choose which one you want)
Shader Glass env
apply glass textures (spec bump diffuse)

I can send you textures for clear and smudged glass later if you need them

Thank you so much!! I will definitely try this!