Creating es_extended item inside server-side script

Hey guys, im looking for way to create es_extended item inside server-side script. I know its possible because few months ago i saw this on other server.
I already tried this but its not working:

table.insert(ESX.Items, {
name = ‘newitem’,
label = ‘itemname’,
limit = 1,
rare = (0 == 1 and true or false),
canRemove = (1 == 1 and true or false),

// Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Why not, add it directly to the sql?

Im making carlock system based on Keys as inventory items. Thats why :wink:

Anyone can help me with this ?

@Its_Me1 have you managed to do it? I’m interested, I also want to make a carlock with items

Hey, yes.
You need to insert item to ESX.Items table and resend whole table to all clients.

Can you pass me the script pls? Thanks

Its not ‘the script’, you have to edit whole ESX framework

I mean, if you can pass me the carlock

Hi i have the same issue but im creating a id card and the id card have a custom id after the text id card and i cant create a item inside the script can you help me please?

To get individual items you would have to edit esx quite a lot. It would be easier to use a metadata inventory like ox_inventory.

I mean we have over 150 player a day and over thousands player inventory items and datas…
I did that thing and the problem now is registering it