Creating dialog windows

So, I am trying to create a shop interface with simple dialog window: list of items and prices.
I haven’t found any information here about how to create such simple menu. Examples, please?

How exactly are you trying, when you haven’t found any information on how to do it? Simple menu, when it’s anything but. You want examples so you can modify someone else’s work. Nope!

Trying means struggling, hope that’s clear enough, my friend.
Do we have info on wiki about modals or some open information regarding FiveM framework basics? Nope, only lists of events and such. How do I create simple box with a list? God knows. You are a new one to the development? Just go and read someone’s code, if you can find one and if you can figure out what is what.
That’s a nice sense of community development you have.
Sure, I can’t give anything now, because what can I give without basis?

Am I new? No. Read my posts I’m an active member of this community. I offer help when needed. I’m all about the community as I said read my posts. So your looking for a wiki on how to use a resource? There are many resources available to create a GUI. But you can’t “find” them, and want handed examples. Follow the logic, I fail to see yours.

Bright example of concept substitution, bravo. Thank you for giving “tips”.
Mods, please, delete this topic, this dialog won’t lead anywhere. Thank you.

Since you can’t find them, here ya go.