CreateVehicle Server-Sided returns vehicle hash if failed to create (OneSync)

When you do CreateVehicle(Server Sided with OneSync) it returns the vehicle id if it succeeds, but when it fails, it returns the vehicle hash instead, and you can’t really know if the vehicle created successfully or not.

you will probably just tell me to check if the result is equal to the vehicle hash, but it’s also stupid, because the vehicle hash may be the same as the vehicle id.

Can you please fix it and make it return 0, or something like that?
Thanks in advance.

In which scenario would/does this native “fail” on the server? I am not sure if there is even supposed to be a failure scenario for this… given it being asynchronous and all :confused:

When the server is empty for example. and there must be a scenario which this can be happened, if it happened to me and I reported it -_-

Ah. Yeah, that relies on a currently not yet implemented “unowned” state but practically this native should never be able to fail once everything is finalized which I guess is why the result value isn’t written in these cases (but entirely ignored so it contains the first argument).