CreatePed not creating a ped

Just got this issue today where CreatePed isn’t working as it should. We were fine yesterday and it was working properly

  1. Production - 3660/3539
  2. We expect a ped to be spawned via the CreatePed native at the specific coords given
  3. What happens is the ped does not get created, there are no errors, and CreatePed returns 0 for the entity.
  4. Native
  5. RegisterCommand('spawnped', function(s,a,r) local pedHandle = CreatePed(5, 0x9B810FA2, -1289.54, 5358.97, 2.96, 110, false) print(pedHandle) end)

Don’t you need to request the model and wait for it to be loaded before creating the ped.

Are you creating the ped server-side or client-side?

Are you using OneSync or OneSync Legacy?

True, didn’t even cross my mind as for some reason it was working before without it.