Create ServerRTC for GCPHONE (OneSync)

Check with this :
If turn doesn’t work, use stun o/

Do you use Linux or Windows?

windows but honestly… i think it may be because its home hosted.

Yes if you open it on your PC you have to open the ports on your internet box

yeah ive done that as well. I might mess with it later… Thank you for all the help everyone!

$env:USERS = "user=password foo=bar"
= no user exists for password… error message

what to do ?

Can you show me with screenshots the steps you do

I m using ■■■■■■■■ and i dont know how to use webRTC for teamspeak can someone help me?

webRTC won’t work with Teamspeak

i fix it it works fine thx

28 Haz 2019 Cum 03:17 tarihinde vonbismarck45 via FiveM [email protected] şunu yazdı:

I do not understand how to put the username is the passwords if you can give me an example with myuser mypassword it would be cool

$env:USERS = "user=password foo=bar"
$env:REALM = " "
$env:UDP_PORT = 3478

Use the lasted version of gcphone.
Call with no ServerRTC in OneSync

ok i will try this

Yo! if I already have working phone and want to be able to hear another person talk in the phone when standing close, is RTC server what I need?

Someone please make a video in how to configure and use on windows dedicated server ipv4 ?
vrp 0.5

Recently I activated the OneSync (64 Slots) I was able to correct small errors but now I cannot use the GCPhone in calls, I need to create a ServerRTC, I see it very complicated, would someone try to help me with that? I appreciate it.

yes, it is

I Open my powershell with ADM

PS C:> cd turn-1.3.2
PS C:\turn-1.3.2> $env:USERS = “user=blablabla foo=blablabla”
PS C:\turn-1.3.2> $env:REALM = “”
PS C:\turn-1.3.2> $env:UDP_PORT = 3478
PS C:\turn-1.3.2> .\simple-turn-windows-386.exe

When im use to test
get this error below.
2019/08/04 14:17:00 Failed to handle ALLOCATE-REQUEST from No user exists for blablabla

how did you solve?

I never did solve. Eventually just looked more into vmenu and disabled the voice control inside of it. Which made the non webrtc work