Crashing after graphic settings changed

Hi guys. I’m pretty new to FiveReborn, so don’t kill me xD

I installed the mod, everything was pretty fine except for lags. I’m playing on older notebook on lowest settings (ikr it’s bad), but when I opened up FiveR, some things were changed in my graphic settings.

In SP, I had the lowest graphics, playing on 1280x720 and everything was pretty fine. Now in FiveR, I have some settings on Ultra (which causes fps drops for me) and by default it sets the resolution on lowest. Also it sometimes turns on in windowed mode (although I have set -fullscreen in launch options). Ok, I can change the resolution without problems, but when I change graphic settings, the game wants to restart (which I confirm) but after that it instantly freezes (and by freezing and quitting it via task manager it doesn’t save the graphic settings which I want to play on, so the problem still persists, because of this crash).

Is there any way to set the graphics via some .ini/.txt setting? :frowning:

Thanks. Rich

//apparently, i succeeded in changing the graphics. i’ve ran the game in windowed mode and i changed the settings step by step, its okay now! :slight_smile: will test the mod more times to check if I have still problems and post the result. and btw sorry for my English, it’s not my mother tongue.

ok, i’m getting error 213 from RGSC everytime I start FiveR. is that a common problem? (after retrying it launches of course, but does this mean something for me/for you, devs?)