Crashes on startup with Social Club Error 213/CitizenFX Fatal Error

This is on a new, clean install of GTA. When trying to open FiveReborn, Social Club opens then starts to load, then quickly gives me this error and FiveReborn stops working. After I close the program, it gives me this error for CitizenFX. Sometimes the social club error doesn’t load before FiveReborn crashes.

CitizenFX.Log is

FiveReborn, GTA, and Social Club’s subprocess.exe are all added to the antivirus (Panda and Malwarebytes) and firewall exclusions. Same thing happens even if I disable firewall and AV’s.

I’m on Win 7 64 bit, GTA is updated. Running it as administrator and/or in compatibility mode for Win 7 gets the same error.

Regular game starts up fine.


Try deleting cache file in Fivereborn folder. Btw game should “load” social club but u dont need to sign in.

Same crash and error after it re-downloaded everything.

@Aerosod Is your Windows up to date?

Anyway, don’t worry about this error, make sure no FiveReborn processes are running in background then try again.

Did some Windows updates, restarted. It no longer crashes immediately, but it’s still not working. It still gives me the Social Club Error 213. If I click retry, 5R then crashes. Clicking close the program doesn’t crash Social Club, but SC does infinitely load. If I click cancel, social club exits and I get the CitizenFX error. If I click offline mode, 5R doesn’t crash, but then it infinitely loads, and same thing for clicking cancel. If I click cancel from the beginng, same CitizenFX error.

Still no fix, googling hasn’t helped. Anyone have any ideas?

Panda? For real? Please delete that crap software.

As far as free AV’s go, Panda’s rated pretty highly actually and comes without Avast’s constant attempts to get you to buy the full version, but I’ll try.

Exact same problem with Panda uninstalled.

anyone know waht to do when sever isnt showing up i have it on my pc addres and everything

@Aerosod Windows anti virus is good enough if you watch out a bit. Then just sometimes scan your system with malwarebytes and it’s all good.

Steam? CD? Or pirate?

Windows installation language? And language pack?