Crash while joining server

GTA V version? Legit
Up to date? Yes
Legit or Pirate copy? Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club? Steam: Craig v7 / SC: yrncraig22
Windows version? 10
Error screenshot:
GTA V folder screenshot:
GTA V/update/x64/dlcpacks screenshot:
Filepath to FiveReborn folder: OS(C:) > Games > FiveReborn
FiveReborn client folder screenshot:
.dmp files

I started and joined server without ‘PLUGINS’, then i added ‘PLUGINS’ and i crash now.
This is what’s in my Plugins Folder:

uhm well you need to remove some things, dinput8.dll and scripthookv (you don’t need these its already installed with fivereborn) and if you want to use scripthookvdotnet you need to rename the files, fivereborn doesn’t support scripthookvdotnet because it causes problems so use at your own risk

You need a clean GTA V installation in order to play.