Crash when using FiveReborn on SSD

I started off running FiveReborn on my main hard drive which worked fine 80% of the time (my GTA V Installation is also located on my hard drive) however I felt that it would run better on my SSD in terms of loading everything in quicker, however every time I try to play FiveReborn with it installed on my SSD it will either crash before I have joined the server (e.g. in the process of joining) or very shortly after I have joined (it always crashes less than 1-2 minutes after joining.

Here is my crash log

weird, I have fivereborn on my ssd and gta v on my hdd with no problems

In your GTA V settings, is pause on lose focus on?

@kanersps Pause on focus loss is off in my GTA settings.

@kanersps Should it be on or off?

@alfieengland off otherwise the game won’t work properly

@kanersps Is there any way this will be changed in the future because I find pause on focus loss is kinda useful