Crash when loading into server

Hey everyone. Ever since the fivereborn update our server has been having issues. If we load in with a update.rpf older then 505.2 we can connect but the .asi loader does not seem to call any functions ie handling/vehicle or carvar .metas. But when we recompiled our modpack to 505.2 the game crashes when connecting to the server for every member.

The way the server is currently setup is that cars are streamed. The vehicle/handling.metas are inside of the 505.2 update.rpf and the carvars are inside mpchristmas2. But during the sever loading splash screen we get the “FiveReborn has stopped working” message.

I have a crashlog to include which seems to indicate it crashes after trying to load the dlcpacks.
Any help you guys could give would be very much appreciated as we have tried to troubleshoot this many different ways to no avail. Thank You very much for any assistance you guys can offer, it would mean the world to us to get this server back online.