Crash when i launch FiveReborn

Hi i try to install FiveReborn and the game crash when i launch the program look screen :

Can you have any idea for fix this ?
GTA 5 : Last update
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Screenshot fivereborn folder :
Screenshot GTA 5 :
DLC folder :

CitizenFX Log :!LFYDQK5D!qwv530oK1cfPy_g1AU8F-9CLtxxyiMM3Vqo1phQ1My0
DMP file :!XcJEyb4I!A5LHjPFl4pTpq5Bqo6BWlhasJsTe6L39m2ExZRRIp0M

My PC Spec :
Windows 10
AMD FX-6300
Nvidia GT 740

Make sure you launch it with your correct card - right click FiveReborn.exe, hover over run with and select your Nvidia GT 740. Also make sure your card drivers are up to date.

All are ready to up date and i don’t have another graphics card it’s my primary graphics card thanks for reply

Please use this format to post your error.
Did you read the F.A.Q?

Edited :slight_smile: thanks for reply

Forwarded to a dev, everything seems legit.