Crash RDR2_b136.exe! sub_141DCD004 (0x9ce) 100+ Player In town

When player stay in town more than Onesync limit
If have some player get crash in crash player area OneSync limit

This crash i have found only in town like BW / VAL / STRA

5177078] [b1436_DumpServ] 11476/ Process crash captured. Crash dialog content:
[ 5177078] [b1436_DumpServ] 11476/ RDR2_b1436.exe!sub_141DCD004 (0x9ce)
[ 5177078] [b1436_DumpServ] 11476/ An error at RDR2_b1436.exe!sub_141DCD004 (0x9ce) caused RedM to stop working. A crash report is being uploaded to the RedM developers.
[ 5177078] [b1436_DumpServ] 11476/
[ 5177078] [b1436_DumpServ] 11476/ Legacy crash hash: coffee-sad-don
[ 5177078] [b1436_DumpServ] 11476/ Stack trace:
[ 5177078] [b1436_DumpServ] 11476/ RDR2_b1436.exe!sub_141DCD004 (0x9ce)
[ 5177078] [b1436_DumpServ] 11476/ RDR2_b1436.exe!sub_142B06864 (0x149)
[ 5177078] [b1436_DumpServ] 11476/ RDR2_b1436.exe!sub_1408BF17C (0xbd)
[ 5177078] [b1436_DumpServ] 11476/ RDR2_b1436.exe!sub_14086BB34 (0x10)
[ 5177078] [b1436_DumpServ] 11476/ RDR2_b1436.exe!sub_142B00604 (0x18)
[ 5177078] [b1436_DumpServ] 11476/ RDR2_b1436.exe!sub_142B005BC (0xe)
[ 5177078] [b1436_DumpServ] 11476/ RDR2_b1436.exe!sub_142580CCC (0x135)

CitizenFX_log_2022-11-05T190944 [LOG CRASH REPORT]
messageImage 1668010781548 - ฝากรูป [PLAYER]
1668015810141 - ฝากรูป [TX SERVER LOG ]


Using canary? Release
Windows version: Windows 10
System specifications:


Operating system: Windows 10
Artifact version: 5848
IP address:
Resources: 143
System specifications:


Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:
Steps to reproduce:
Files for repro (if any):
Error screenshot (if any):
.dmp files/report IDs:

Any additional info:

coffee-sad-don is the same crash as the previous september-kitten-robert reported here September-kitten-robert

It’s Scenario Task related, i.e. benches, chairs, any scenario points or individual scenarios. And it’s a group crash with multiple others sometimes outside of scope at the time of the crash. So you may have several in a town crash, but others that had left that region a short while prior also crash at times. Disquse and I confirmed some strange behavior surrounding scenario points at least with other players in scope.

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