Crash in Rockstar Editor when using motorcycle addon with custom handling

I found a bug that causes a FiveM crash when loading a clip into Rockstar Editor with a server streamed motorcycle addon mod. It looks like it has something to do with the SubHandlingData in the handling.meta file. Motorcycle handling.metas include Item type=“CBikeHandlingData” which will cause this crash. This issue happens with all motosycle mods with custom handling lines. I did a test myself and removed just the handling.meta and it worked without any crashes. This is the handlingline causing this bug: handling.meta (3.7 KB)

CrashDump: (2.0 MB)

@DrDrProfessor Troll?

No, i was writing about something in the handling.meta and the forum made it to ########

Could i know about what motorcycle your talking? Maybe a link of it would be helpful

EDIT: Found it through your handling.meta Spawncode, are we talking about a Ducati Panigale??

Second edit: Did you use multiple bikes and give them the handling of the ducati or are there multiple faulty handlings?

handling.meta (3.7 KB)
Try this handling.meta, the seat position may be buggy.

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