Crash ID: c175cada-65c3-4077-9898-ba110952202b

Crash ID: c175cada-65c3-4077-9898-ba110952202b

? Means of this its?

When I click the shortcut press start the game not directly on. He gives to anything from windows to 10 must have, That I ignore and I press x or OK. According to come I just online without striking situations. If I am online I can play that miximaal for 7 minutes and then crash.

This gives a crash ID. Crash ID: c175cada-65c3-4077-9898-ba110952202b

I would if not know where this to do with it? Because I saw that windows 7 also should be able to. Itself 8 can. I do not know where this error code stands for? Unfortunately.

Very sorry but very nice. I do believe that the Dutch pack with OpenIV really super LSPDFR ofline PC works and I there still lots of fun to experience.

Maybe there is someone who knows what this error code means. So that I can solve the problem and can play with you. Regards and thanks in advance