Crash. (FXServer 3383 Linux Machine - Txadmin)

crash2 crash4

Those crashes happend at radnom moments.
Server: 350 Slots
Maps:With Simple TP (all of them)
Low Polygons Maps/Cars
Optimized Mesh Clothes

did this happend tou anyone?

Crash1: Legacy Crash nine-monkey-yellow
Crash2: Legacy Crash undress-jupiter-berlin
Crash3: Legacy Crash fourteen-colorado-november
Crash4: Legacy Crash twenty-hot-hydrogen

And the dump files? This report is as good as useless without them.

Uploading: ede8ad0e-7f57-477c-89d5-abc880042f20.dmp…
Uploading: 2785d2e3-5d2e-4bf0-998e-3e983214f199.dmp…
Uploading: a2e9c9f5-2fe6-4285-8420-2a32a568caeb.dmp…
Uploading: 6d131989-36c7-4d82-9aa8-e1c7d494984a.dmp…
Uploading: e29f3746-de32-4088-8eb0-d15521c41d28.dmp…

so can you help me?

Hi, so im investigating a crash on my server and one of your crashes has came up, do you happen to have the Mount Zonah interior on your server?

a fourteen-colorado-november crash on my server also caused by mount zonah