Crash after the launcher

Hi, I dont think my game even ‘‘start’’ , I get the normal launcher after opening fivereborn.exe, then it change to the fivereborn launcher, then it close itself and nothing after.

I installed a fresh version of Gta 5 on my ssd. then I created a folder with fivereborn.exe in it with and ran it, I selected my gta folder and everything installed, then I installed the trainer (CSRELEASE). I also tried to remove the read only cache/game/ros because I have win10 (something I heard).

Like I said after after the launcher nothing pop up, here some info.
Location for gta 5 : E:\gta 5
fivereborn : C:\Users\Marc-André\Desktop\gtarp

CitizenFX.log (75.1 KB)

Thanks for your time guys

P.S.: I disabled my firewall and nothing more happened