Cozy Vibes Only at Cozy Corner casual RP! 🌈 Dive into the Most Cozy FiveM Experience Ever!" VERSION 3 LAUNCH

I’m a hardworking bunny who has created a server dedicated to positive vibes and partying :tada:. While it’s still a work in progress, our team is diligently working on it and is incredibly passionate.

Everyone is welcome in our server. We are LGBT-friendly and support non-verbal players :white_flag:‍��.

- We boast over 100 cars with bi-weekly updates �

- A fully established police force complete with a detailed MDT :oncoming_police_car:, and more updates to come soon.

- We have an EMS system in place with a detailed MDT :ambulance:, with many updates in the pipeline.

- Our server offers a rich criminal life, featuring drug dealing :herb:, tiered heists :moneybag:, and a plethora of activities.

- We provide a civilian life experience with numerous activities such as quests, business ownership, and much more.

Our aim is to offer a diverse range of activities for all types of players, aiming to replicate the GTA Online feel with jobs and missions, but without the mass RDM. We are dedicated to achieving this goal and will continue to work towards it.

If you’re interested, feel free to join us. Our peak hours are from 2 PM PST to 2 AM PST, and we host two events weekly, one on Wednesdays and another on Saturdays. Let’s have fun and party together! :tada::rabbit::herb::sparkles::red_car::video_game::balloon:

Are direct join:

Are discord: Cozy Corner RP


Cozy Corner RP Patch Notes - The Night Life Update

Greetings, Cozy Corner RP community! We’re thrilled to roll out our latest update, “The Night Life,” packed with exciting additions to elevate your roleplaying adventures. Here’s a breakdown of the new features:

New Vehicles:

Bikes: Introducing eight high-speed bikes, from choppers to super bikes. Choose your ride wisely and feel the thrill of the wind rushing through your hair as you navigate the city streets.

Drift Cars: Master the art of drifting with our challenging-to-handle drift cars. Become a street menace with eight unique drift cars that allow you to leave your mark on every corner.

Illegal Vehicles: Take the streets by storm with five illegal vehicles, ranging from monster trucks to armored SUVs. Just be cautious - getting caught may lead to serious jail time!

Nightlife Establishments:

Bars and Nightclubs: Own and operate one of eight new nightlife establishments. Stay tuned for special missions available to owners and workers, adding an extra layer of excitement to your nightlife ventures.

Underground Scene:

Designer Drugs: For the bravest souls, try our three new designer drugs. Explore the city’s underbelly and find a lucrative market to sell these daring substances.

Heists: Embark on six new daring heists, from thrilling car robberies to train hijackings. A brand-new bank awaits, ready to be plundered. Gather your crew, plan your strategy, and make off with the loot!

Law Enforcement and EMS:

New Vehicles: Uphold the law with nine new police cars and respond to emergencies with four new EMS vehicles. Navigate the city’s challenges with the latest tools at your disposal.

Interactive Features:

Pickpocketing: Get up close and personal with our new feature allowing you to run people’s pockets. Collect shoes, valuables, and more as you explore the city. Uncover hidden treasures on the streets.

We hope you enjoy “The Night Life” update as much as we enjoyed creating it. Stay tuned for future updates as we continue to enhance your roleplaying experience in Cozy Corner RP. See you on the streets! - The Cozy Corner Team

New patch notes later today !

patch notes for may 7 2024

:red_car: New Features:

Increased drug sale prices across the board :chart_with_upwards_trend:
Reduced number of materials needed to craft drugs to 1 of each :wrench:
New Drugs:

Angel Dust: Provides armor and stamina with a small visual change :dizzy:
Euphoria: Heals you and causes stumbling :star2:
:speedboat: Boats and Planes:

Added 12 new boats, from tugboats to yachts :sailboat:
Added 10 new planes, from crop dusters to WW2 cargo planes :small_airplane:
Require a license to operate; heavy fines for violations :money_with_wings:
Legal and illegal plane jobs now available at the airport :office:
:articulated_lorry: Trucker Jobs:

Added legal and illegal trucking jobs :truck:
:policeman: Police Overhaul:

New cuffing, canine script, tools, and radial menu options for police officers :police_car:
Reworked dispatch system to assist officers :telephone_receiver:
:ambulance: EMS Overhaul:

New ambulances, items, and immersive system :ambulance:
AI doctor for street revives if no EMS available :robot:
:anchor: Treasure Hunter Job:

Dive the high seas for loot at the new treasure boat job :pirate_flag:
:world_map: City Guide:

Accessible with /opencityguide to learn about offerings :city_sunset:
:racing_car: Go Karts:

Added go karts for racing at Plasma Kart :checkered_flag:
:ferris_wheel: Pier Overhaul:

Completely revamped with new rides and attractions :roller_coaster:
:police_car: Bait Cars:

Watch out for bait cars to avoid getting caught by cops :rotating_light:
:key: Vin Scratching:

Allows selling or keeping the car; rare cars now spawn during missions :red_car:
:ring: Jewelry Selling:

Buffed by 250 percent :gem:
:lock: Keys:

Rewards for activities; used on hidden safes around the world :old_key:
:gun: New Heists:

Added another 14 heists with crazy rewards, including the rare pink diamond :gem:
:tada: We’re officially in 3.0 and excited to keep improving! :tada:

love this place, cozy corner is appropriately named :slight_smile:

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This server is pretty comfy with friendly people its a fun server to hang out in.

This is honestly one of the best servers ever. Ebe the owner is one of the nicest and funniest ladies I’ve ever met we have so much fun on the events that we do I’ve never once regretted being in this community

Great environment! Responsive staff! A truly safe space and they’re always adding new content!

This is a shameless plug in for the White Widow, Free gift bag of edibles, a lighter and a grinder with every purchase over 100$ Be on the watch for when we’re open!